Lately BP share prices are headed downwards even though oil stock prices are surging. This really is leaving several investors dissatisfied and irritated. This is a result of the company's plan for growth set up just after the oil spill in the Gulf and at a later time from the second quarter's bleak outcome.The history of the share prices has just experienced the price of stocks diminishing in London's FTSE Index in contrast to the US market which demonstrates in general a higher BP share price nowadays as compared to a year ago. But at the same time, the most recent BP share price forecast looks really scary. On the word of BP's CEO Bob Dudley, the company just isn't considering any future plans to fundamentally break itself apart although this has been proposed by several professionals. Rather, the company’s top priority at the moment is to stabilize the operations. After the share price dropped because of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe last year, nothing could be more important. He additionally pointed out that the share price is not displaying any improvement lately and is causing investors to become edgy concerning the weakness with the stock price.In all probability, the Bp share price won't regain the summit it reached prior to the oil accident. But at the same time, he stated and asked investors not to pay heed to suggestions by outsiders who have been predicting that the company would become insolvent and be entirely thrown out of the market. Whilst the business is presenting greater safety levels and risk management, Bob asked the investors for their endurance and tolerance. Its operations have produced a new structure and refinement. It will call for patience given that it'll take time for every thing to settle down. In addition, Bob noted that the business may possibly contemplate reorganizing in the not too distant future. When journalists asked if the business may contemplate a breakup like ConocoPhillips, he remained silent through this concern, and stated the company has not really considered this as an option so far.The most recent BP share price trends are becoming echoed by the share price history of the business. These have already been influenced by an amazing decrease for the request for shares. There was a varied reaction towards the CEO of BP. As a result, the bulk of the analysts were left feeling disappointed. The largest percentage of them professed that they're doubtful relating to BP's future. Several businesses in related areas are surpassing BP. This causes concern for the company's share price, and the possibility that it could diminish even further. Surprisingly the organization recouped an income of $5.62 billion, despite the loss of $17.15 billion in damages as a result of the terrible Gulf oil spill.Oil and gas production of the organization has been 11% lower as compared to last year, as a result of divestments of oil fields. Subsequent to the pronouncement, the company's shares plunged 2.4% in just 1 day. If you have a look at the latest BP share price, it really is still down 30% from the point at which the oil spill disaster happened in the Gulf.,,